Roost menu starting 7-23-2020

{ˈrüst} is a respite for neighbors and our traveling friends. Thanks to BOH Pasta, Texas Olive Ranch, Airline Seafood, 44 Farms, Holmes’ Chicken, Bread Man Baking, Black Hill Ranch, Sweet Bribery Ice Cream, & Rosewood Ranch beef. We Appreciate You!!


To share, or not . . . . .

  • Texas Peach Salad, Baby lettuce, fresh peaches, candied nuts, crumbled goat’s cheese
  • 13
  • Hothouse tomato salad, parmesan cream, savory granola, basil oil, Bermuda onion
  • 13
  • Flo, what’s the Soup du jour!? The Soup of the day. mmmm, sounds good.
  • cup 4 bowl 6
  • Persian eggplant dip, caramelized shallots, goat’s whey yogurt, mint oil, warm naan
  • 10
  • Local pork belly Dan-Dan noodles, chili garlic sauce, cool cucumber, fresh herbs
  • 12
  • Masala spiced queso, “Impossible” ground picadillo, spiced corn tortillas, baby cilantro
  • 11
  • Bacalao Fritters, garlic potato, saffron aioli, Spanish chorizo vinaigrette, herbs & chili
  • 14
  • Mason jar pickles of local produce. Inquire with your servers!
  • 6
  • Bread service- Slow Dough fresh bread, all the spreads- House pimento cheese spread, garden herb garlic butter, and summer peach butter
  • 8
  • The famous fried cauliflower, scallions, toasted pine nuts, miso dressing, bonito flakes
  • 9
  • 12oz Bone-in Cured Pork Chop, Rosè wine braised red cabbage, apples, horseradish
  • 26
  • Waco corn crusted chicken piccata, lemon-caper sauce, Mediterranean orzo salad
  • 24
  • Maryland style crab cakes- lump Gulf crab, Old Bay aioli, grilled asparagus, pesto butter
  • 34
  • Fresh Gulf Fish, Louisiana crab boil corn salad, pickled vegetables, green tomato butter
  • 27
8 oz. Angus Teres Steak Rubbed, summer squash gratin, garden herb oil, red wine demi
  • 29
  • Stuffed Sweet Peppers, ancient grains, currants, heirloom tomato sauce, dill yogurt
  • 20

Mood for a burger!- 8oz Angus patty, pimento cheese, bacon, lettuce, sloppy sauce, & fries


Sweet Tooth . . .

Coffee n’ donut holes- Nutmeg donuts, crushed pistachios, dulce de leche, coffee ice cream


Warm Apple Cake, Apple cider caramel, candied walnuts, fresh thyme clotted cream


Key Lime Panna-Cotta, coconut custard, coco whip, toasted coconut, candied citrus rinds


**Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness

Houston Restaurant Weeks!

  • Roost Restaurant
  • $45 HRW 2020 DINNER MENU
  • $5 each meal goes to the Houston Food Bank
  • 1st

  • Seasonal Soup of the Day
  • Inquire with server on today’s choice
  • Texas Peach Salad (GF)
  • Baby lettuce, fresh peaches, spiced granola, crumbled goat’s cheese
  • The Famous Fried Cauliflower (GF)
  • Scallions, toasted pine nuts, miso dressing, bonito flakes
  • Bacolao Fritters
  • Poached salt cod, garlic potato, saffron aioli, Spanish chorizo
  • vinaigrette, herbs and chili
  • 2nd
  • 8oz Angus Teres Major Steak
  • Rubbed with smoked paprika and grilled, end of summer squash gratin with aged cheeses, garden herb oil, red wine veal demi glace
  • 12oz Bone-in Cured Pork Chop (GF)
  • Rosè wine braised red cabbage, apples, hint of horseradish
  • 6oz Fresh Gulf Fish (GF)
  • Louisiana crab boil corn salad, pickled vegetables, green tomato butter
  • Stuffed Sweet Peppers (Veg.)
  • A delicious blend of ancient grains, currants, fresh herbs inside roasted bell peppers. Served over an heirloom tomato sauce with dill yogurt
  • 3rd
  • Coffee n’ Donut Holes
  • Cinnamon & nutmeg style beignets, crushed pistachios, dulce
  • de leche, coffee ice cream
  • Warm Apple Cake
  • Apple cider caramel, candied walnuts, roasted apples, fresh thyme clotted cream
  • Key Lime Panna Cotta (GF)

  • Coconut milk custard, coconut cream whip, toasted coconut, candied citrus

*We ask that there are no substitutions and no sharing as kitchen timing is of the essence and remember, this is for a great cause. Some items may change due to availability.

Roost Wine & BEER List

~All wines contain sulfites. Pregnant women please take heed to the risks of drinking before birth.~


NV Gerard Bertrand Brut-Rosé, Franc 13/ 54

(fresh raspberry notes and crisp dry finish )

NV Plaisirs De Pégase Cremant Chard. Brut, France 15/50

(pleasing almonds & white fruit leaving a fresh, ripe aftertaste.)

White & Rosé

2018 Aperture Cellars Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma 15/60

(richness balanced with acidity. Lemon meringue and floral hits)

2018 Cavazza Pinot Grigio, Italy 10/38

(straw yellow with green apple and enlivening acidity)

2017 Black Rock “Wild Cat” White Blend, Lake County 52

(a complex wine made from a blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc.)

2018 Chateau la Rose Du Pin White Bordeaux, France 13/48

(Semillon, sauvignon, and muscadelle grapes with a honeysuckle finish)

2016 Valley of the Moon Pinot Blanc- Viognier, Sonoma Valley 12/46

(aromas of vanilla and honeysuckle. A fun & focused white wine)

2018 Hearst Chardonnay, Santa Barbara Coast 12/44

(versatile & bright with old world charm. Refreshing oak & minerality)

NV Lost Draw Vineyards Trebiano-Muscato, Texas 14/52

(grown in the panhandle, produced in Fredericksburg. Has to be tasted)

2018 Pascal Jolivet “Attitude” Rosé, France 12/46

(dry with a versatile finish of honeysuckle and rose hip)

2015 Cellier de la Baraterie Cruet Jacquère, Savoie Fra. 54

(a fresh and precise natural wine full of limestone and vanilla)

Wine Cocktails & Non-Alcoholic

Mellow Margarita — Fresh lime juice, agave nectar, and orange liqor, mixed with tequila wine and served over ice. 8

White wine & Peach Sangria- House peach syrup, lemon, & white wine over ice 11

Seasonal Shrub- Macerated seasonal fruit, w/raw sugar, spices, & a light vinegar that opens up the palate. Alcohol-free 5


2017 Landmark “Overlook” Pinot Noir, California 13/48

(a true taste of California, sourced from 3 regions. A solid pick)

2014 Schroeder Alpataco Malbec, Argentina 12/40

(bold on the palate w/ subtle oak & tart berries)

2012 Peñalegre Toro Tempranillo, Spain 54

(a region known for rich wines w/ Roman history. Inviting & fun)

2009 Chateau Marsau Merlot, France 57

(full bodied and seductive with notes of mocha and rich tobacco)

2018 Guidobono Nebbiolo, Italy 13/48

(velvety and full with light rose petal flair. easy to sip)

2016 Chateau Saint Loubert Bordeaux, France 46

(equal parts cabernet and merlot, lightly baked to keep the integrity)

2014 Axios Telios Cabernet Sauvignon, Lodi 13/48

(a true cab with exotic brown spices. Greek for “Complete”)

2016 Resign GSM Blend, California 14/54

(Not shy of jammy red, & ripely inviting grapes. Bold and fun)

2016 J. Dusi Zinfandel, Paso Robles 16/62

(100% zinfandel for refined tannins with cocoa notes)

2018 Ridge Vineyards “Three Valleys” Petite Syrah, Sonoma Ca. 62

(bold & generous. An incredible blend with zinfandel sharpness)

2017 Secret Indulgence “Chronology” Red Blend, Napa 66

(a complex and rare blend of 9 grapes that entice all senses)


NV Graham’s 10 year Tawny Port, Portugal 15/66

(sweet & floral w/ notes of vanilla, maple, & a soft lingering taste)

2017 Fairview La Beryl Chenin Blanc- Muscat, South Africa (500 ml) 12/46

(delicious dried mango hints, pineapple, deep honey)


Nine Band Brewing ~ Pale Ale 5

NOLA Brewing L.a. Lager ~Lite Lager 5

Legal Brewing “Free & Clear” ~Gluten free Blonde 6

Rogue Basquatch ~IPA 5

Nebraska Brewing “Brunette” ~ Nut Brown 6

Southern Star “Hecho in Conroe” ~Lager 5

Clown Shoes Clementine Wheat ~White Ale 5

Eureka Heights “Wicket Awesome” ~ESB 6

Austin Eastcider’s Rotator ~Hard Cider 5

*St. Arnold Brewery Root Beer!! ~non alcoholic 4

Other Beverages

Canned sodas (sprite, diet coke) 3.00

Bottled Mexican Coke 4.00

Agua panna spring water 3.50

Topo Chico sparkling water 3.00

Iced tea 3.50

“Republic of Tea” (Hot Teas) 5.00

Geva Coffee (reg. or decaf) 5.00