Roost menu starting 04-11-2019

{ˈrüst} is a respite for neighbors and our traveling friends. Thanks to 44 Farms, Texas Olive Ranch, Airline Seafood, Atkinson Farm, Holmes Chicken, Sweet Bribery Ice Cream, Black Hill Ranch & Rosewood Ranch Beef. We Appreciate You!!

To share, or not . . . . . 

Spinach and grilled broccoli salad, toasted almonds, farro, golden raisins, balsamic dressing 12

Flo, what’s the Soup du jour!? The Soup of the day. mmmm, sounds good. 4 cup/ 6 bowl

Snack Board- Marinated burrata, Tasos’ fresh bread, Black Hill sausage, pickles & nuts 15

Cumin spiced lamb meatballs, green harissa sauce, garlicky yogurt, crunchy pita 13

Fried green tomatoes, anchovy and pink pepper vinaigrette, goat’s cheese, herbs 11

Bread service - Slow Dough fresh bread daily, all the spreads- pimento cheese spread, smoked bacon butter, and salted maple butter 8

Crawfish and tomato toast, “Breadman” sourdough, crab boil butter, yuzu kosho, shishito 13

Crispy bacon poutine, creamed spinach, sauce mornay, veal demi-glace, fried rosemary 12

Mason jar pickles of local produce. Inquire with your servers! 6

The famous fried cauliflower, bonito, miso dressing, pine nuts, scallions 9

Grilled Spanish octopus, Jefferson County Rice stuffed tomato, burnt oregano oil, chickpeas 26

Juniper cured pork chop, bbq baked beans, pickled fennel, buttered jalapeño cornbread 28

Wagyu flat iron steak, prune demi glace, braised carrot puree, thyme bread-custard 30

Roasted spring chicken, wilted gem lettuce & veggies, green garlic sauce, pecan gremolata 25

Gulf fish escabeche, sweet and sour peppers, crushed sweet potatoes, fresh herbs 26

Wild mushroom Marsala, Paulie’s fresh cresta di gallo pasta, roasted onions, pecorino 21

The 44 Farm burger- dill pickles, pepper jack cheese, applewood bacon, garlic aioli, house fries 16

Gimme some suga’......

Coffee n’ donut holes, crushed pistachios, dulce de leche, coffee ice cream 8

Passionfruit panna cotta, mango sorbet, spicy grilled pineapple, piloncillo caramel 8

Baklava trifle, pistachio cake, Texas honey mousse, candied phyllo, orange blossom syrup 8